MA/PhD opportunities at York U on Canada/Phillippine issues

–Message on behalf of Philip Kelly —

Prof Philip Kelly is keen to recruit MA and PhD students to work with two projects at York University, Toronto, Canada on the following issues:
a) transnational economic ties between Canada and the Philippines, and
b) intergenerational socio-economic mobility and education in Filipino-Canadian communities.

I’d be very pleased to hear from students who are considering graduate research programs and who have an interest in the Philippines or Filipino-Canadian experiences.

Further details of the projects:

a) The Canada-Philippines Alternative Transnational Economies project is a recently funded SSHRC Insight Grant ( ) examining economic linkages between Canada and the Philippines that depend on the social networks created by migration, and which generate collectivized or non-monetized forms of material well-being. Topics might include diaspora philanthropy, humanitarian relief, transnational economic activism, unpaid care networks, cooperative enterprises, fair trade links etc.. Financial support for thesis/dissertation projects such as these will be available, in addition to York University’s standard funding package.

b) The Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada project is an ongoing series of collaborations with community groups, school boards and other organizations to examine inter-generational experiences of Filipino-Canadian communities in relation to workplaces, labour market outcomes and educational trajectories.

Please get in touch with me directly if you are interested in pursuing topics along these lines in the graduate program in Geography at York University (
The program’s application deadline is fast approaching but applications will continue to receive attention until all places are filled.

Thanks for your attention!

Philip Kelly


About Creighton Connolly

PhD student in Geography, School of Environment and Development, The University of Manchester. I received my BA (hons.) in geography from UBC (Vancouver) and my MA from Memorial University (St. John's, Newfoundland). Follow me on Twitter @Creighton88
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