Asia Sessions at the CAG meeting, Halifax

For those of you attending next week’s CAG meeting in Halifax, please plan to attend the following Geographies of Asia Study Group events at St. Mary’s University on Thursday 2nd June 2016.

1. Geographies of Asia Special Panels

Thursday 2nd June 2016

(a) 8:30 am – 10:00 am, Saint Mary’s University

Session R2. Geographies of Asia: Social and Cultural Geographies of Northeast Asia

-Room 265, Sobey Building

Chair: David Edgington, University of British Columbia

-“Gekisenku – the evolution of competition within ramen restaurant clusters in Japan” | Tim Reiffenstein, Mount Allison University;

“Agri-tourism in Japan and Southern British Columbia: A regional approach” | Tom Waldichuk, Thompson River University; Akira Tabayashi, University of Tsukuba; Noritaka Yagasaki, Nihon University; Toshio Kikuchi, Tokyo Metropolitan University; Takaaki Nihei, Hokkaido University; Jun Kaneko, Ehime University;

-“Reconstruction along the Sanriku Coast after the 3.11 Disaster” | David W. Edgington, University of British Columbia;

“Dynamics of urban land use in Shanghai” | Wei Xu, University of Lethbridge.

(b) 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, Saint Mary’s University

Session R11. Geographies of Asia: Social and Environmental Geographies of Southeast Asia

Room 265, Sobey Building

Chair: Tom Waldichuck, Thompson River University

-“Through the lens: Photovoice as a means for understanding the everyday politics of street vendor mobilities in Hanoi, Vietnam” |Noelani Eidse, McGill University;

-“The cascading impacts of migration and climate change: Documenting the challenges of Myanmar labour migrants in Phuket, Thailand” | Angelica de Jesus, University of Toronto;

2. Geographies of Asia Annual General Meeting (AGM).

I will hold our Study Group’s AGM at 12 noon-1.30pm, Thurs 2nd June, immediately after the 2 x morning Study Group sessions, in Room 265, Sobey Building.

The AGM Agenda; Minutes from the 2015 meeting, and a Report on Activities Held in 2015-16, are attached.

3. Study Group Workshop on China

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm, Saint Mary’s University

Session R22. China After 30 Years of Economic Reform

Special session organized by Shuguang Wang (Ryerson University)

Room 265, Sobey Building

Panelists: Lucia Lo (York University), Wei Xu (University of Lethbridge), Shuguang Wang (Ryerson University), and David W. Edgington (University of British Columbia).


About Creighton Connolly

PhD student in Geography, School of Environment and Development, The University of Manchester. I received my BA (hons.) in geography from UBC (Vancouver) and my MA from Memorial University (St. John's, Newfoundland). Follow me on Twitter @Creighton88
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One Response to Asia Sessions at the CAG meeting, Halifax

  1. Edgington, David says:

    Dear Creighton.

    Many thanks for posting this. Congrats on passing your PhD thesis exam! What are you going to do now?

    We had a nice 3 x panels and business meeting for our Study Group in Halifax last week. Tom Waldichuck (Thompson Rivers University) is now the SG Chair.

    At the Business Meeting we passed a motion thanking you for keeping the SG Blog going for many years. The CAG is going to launch a new web site with special pages for Study Groups – similar to the AAG Knowledge Communities system. I think this would be an easier way of communicating with the SG members. We decided not to keep the SG blog or facebook page going any longer.

    So, Tom will get in touch with you soon about this. But let me say again, thank you for your support of the Geographies of Asia Study Group. Hope to see you in Canada soon.

    Best wishes.


    David W. Edgington Professor Department of Geography University of British Columbia 1984 West Mall, Vancouver BC, Canada V6T1Z2 Tel: 1-604-822-5612 Fax: 1-604-822-6150 ________________________________

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