PhD Research Scholarship Opportunity at National University of Singapore

Topic: Governing Compound Disasters in Urbanizing Asia

With an ideal start date of 1 January 2016, one Research Scholarship (RS) is available in the Department of Geography at the National University of Singapore (NUS) for prospective PhD students interested in completing research on  disaster  governance and urbanization  in  Asia. The  RS is linked  directly to the  Governing Compound Disasters in Urbanizing Asia project, based at the Asia Research Institute (ARI).
The RS covers four  years  of  full-time  study (fees  and  maintenance). Additional funds are also available to cover fieldwork and conference attendance. The scholarship is targeted for applicants who have basic training and skills in the following areas and will continue to focus on these topics in their PhD programmes:
•Environmental  disaster
•Governance  and  public  policy
•Urban planning

Full details here

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Minutes of the CAG Geographies of Asia AGM, June 3, 2015

Submitted David W. Edgington (Chair).

Minutes of the CAG Geographies of Asia Study Group Annual Business Meeting
12 noon to 1pm, Wednesday 3rd June, 2015
Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 370 HSBC Executive Meeting Room, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.

Attending: David Edgington (Chair) (UBC), Heidi Karst (U. of Waterloo); Kyle Monahon (Tufts U.); Tim Reiffenstein (Mount Alison U.); Jean-Francois Rousseau (SFU); Tom Waldichuk  (Treasurer/Secretary) (Thompson Rivers U.); Shuguang Wang (Ryerson U.); Xiaojun You (East China Normal U.).

1. David Edgington (Chair) welcomed everyone and reviewed the activities of the Study Group at last year’s CAG meeting in St. Catharines (Brock U.) and at the 2015 WCAG meeting in Kamloops (Thompson Rivers U). The Study Group arranged four papers at the 2015 SFU CAG meeting in Vancouver – unfortunately, there were three `no show’ presenters.

2. Financial Report. The Study Group had a Balance of $578.24 as of March 9th 2015 at the Bank of Montreal, University of BC Branch. Outgoings since the last CAG meeting in 2014 involved expenses involved in running the joint Geographies of Asia SG/Economic Geography SG Panel with Mr. Kasi Rao of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Ingoings comprised the annual fee reimbursement from the CAG.

3. Plans for the year ahead. The WDCAG 2016 (March) will be held in Prince George (UNBC); and the CAG 2016 (June) will be held in Halifax, NS (Dalhousie U. and St. Mary’s U.). The CAG encourages Study Groups to take advantage of special funds to invite a speaker at the national meeting, possibly in conjunction with another Study Group. Shuguang Wang suggested that a special session on China would be of interest various CAG Study Groups and that he would assist in organizing this for the 2016 meeting in Halifax.

4. Study Group Social Media. Heidi Karst has been managing the Study Group Facebook page and Linked In account; and Creighton Connolly (U. of Manchester) has been managing the Study Group Blog for some years. While they have asked whether other members could take over their duties, David Edgington said he would contact them to ask them to continue for one more year, during which time replacements would be approached.

5. IGU meeting in Quebec City (U. of Laval). The CAG has announced a special IGU/CAG meeting in the summer of 2018. It is expected that around 5,000 delegates would attend from around the world, and each Study Group has been asked to contact their IGU equivalent study group. David Edgington said this was difficult for our Study Group as there is no equivalent of an Asian study group in the IGU. He understood that Laval U. would be in charge of sending out the Call for Papers for this meeting in due course and that the Study Group should make arrangements for panels in the usual way.

6. A new Chair. David Edgington announced that as he would be formally retiring in August 2017 he has asked Tom Waldichuk to take up the Chair’s position in Halifax at the next CAG meeting in 2016. The Study Group has to elect a new Treasurer/Secretary position, and Tim Refferstein agreed to fill this position in 2016.

7. There was no other business and the AGM adjourned about 1pm.

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CAG Meeting Update

–Message on behalf of David Edgington–

Dear CAG Geographies of Asia Study Group.

For those of you attending next week’s CAG meeting at Simon Fraser University Downtown Campus Vancouver, please plan to attend the following Geographies of Asia Study Group events.

1. Geographies of Asia Special Panels

WED 3rd June‐8.30am-10.00am

Geographies of Asia 1 (Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 370 HSBC Executive Meeting Room)

Chair: David Edgington

-David W. Edgington, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

“A Comparison of Canadian and Australian National Branding Strategy in Japan”

-Tim Reiffenstein, Mount Allison University

“Ramen Girl? The real and imagined feminization of ramen in Japanese media: A geographical perspective”

-Austin Uzama, Independent Business Consulting

“Mega‐events as a Response to Kasso (Rural Depopulation) syndrome: The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics and its Development Implications”

-Tom Waldichuk, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Thompson Rivers University

“The effects of land‐use regulations and cultural attitudes on landscape form in the Japanese rural‐urban fringe with North American comparisons”.

WED 3rd June ‐10.30am-12.00noon

Geographies of Asia 2 (Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 370 HSBC Executive Meeting Room)

Chair: Tim Reiffenstein

-Kyle Monahan, Tufts University and Xiaojun You, East China Normal University

“Assessment of economic inequality as a predictor for province‐level water scarcity in China”

-Xuyang Zhao and Huiping Guo, Resource and Environment Department of Shijiazhuang College

“The Conception of City Growth Polar under Collaborative Regional Development”

-Rohit Jindal, MacEwan University

“Securing equitable land tenure through REDD+ in Vietnam: An exploration of critical lessons”.

2. Geographies of Asia Annual General Meeting (AGM).

I propose to hold the AGM at 12 noon-1pm, Wed 3rd June, immediately after the 2 x morning Study Group sessions, in the Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 370 HSBC Executive Meeting Room.

The AGM Agenda; and Report on Activities Held in 2014-15, are attached.

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Final call for papers (CAG 2015): Panels on Geographies of Asia

–on behalf of David Edgington–

Geographies of Asia Special Panel/s at the CAG Meeting, 1-5 June 2015.
Please find below our final call for papers for the CAG annual meeting in Vancouver, 1-5 June 2015.

Note that the deadline for abstract submission of 13 March is fast approaching.

Papers are invited on any theme pertaining to Asian geography.

This session is sponsored by the Geographies of Asia Study Group and continues an ongoing, lively tradition of such sessions at CAG Meetings.

Please see Call for Papers on the conference website at:

Send your abstracts of no more than 200 words to the Study Group Chair, David Edgington ( in addition to submitting the abstract as usual through the CAG 2015 registration page.

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CFP: Geographies of Asia – CAG 2015, Vancouver, BC

–On Behalf of David Edgington, session organizer–

Papers are invited on any theme pertaining to Asian geography. This session is sponsored by the Geographies of Asia Study Group and continues an ongoing, lively tradition of such sessions at CAG Meetings.

Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words to David Edgington ( by February 15 2015.

Please see the conference website at:

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Funded MA/PhD Research Positions in Southeast Asia

On Behalf of Peter Vandergeest


Drs. Peter Vandergeest, Robin Roth (Department of Geography, York University), and Melissa Marschke (School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa) are recruiting several MA and up to two PhD students beginning September 2015 as part of the SSHRC-funded project “New Directions in Environmental Governance:  Remaking Public and Private Authority in Southeast Asian Resource Frontiers

Students will be provided with fieldwork funding, guidance, and opportunities for both in-depth fieldwork and research dissemination on a multi-sited research project in Southeast Asia. The study will examine the emerging relationships between private, public, and local authorities in forestry and fisheries, defined to include plantations and aquaculture.  The focus will be on how emerging governance arrangements for forestry and fisheries remake the ways that farmers, fishers, and workers access land and natural resources in the Southeast Asia uplands and coastal zones.

Applicants must have an appropriate background in a relevant field, including Human Geography; Development Studies, Political Ecology; Environmental Studies; Anthropology; or Southeast Asian Studies. Applicants with previous research or applied experience will be particularly competitive.

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and current CV to Peter Vandergeest (, Robin Roth ( and/or Melissa Marschke ( by November 5, 2014.

The deadline for admission to York’s Graduate Program in Geography is January 14, 2015. More information on the department can be found at:   The deadline for admission to U Ottawa’s Graduate Program in International Development and Global Studies is January 15, 2015. More information can be found at:

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Call for Papers – 2015 Annual Association of Geographers (Chicago, IL)

The 2015 AAG Annual Meeting will be held from April 21st to April 25th in Chicago, IL. Each year the Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Specialty Group (AAG-RTS) sponsors special sessions at the AAG Annual Meeting. At the 2014 meeting in Tampa, FL, there were over 100 presentations on tourism-related topics, many of which were Asian-related themes.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: November 5th, 2014.
Please note that the AAG requires registration (and payment) before abstract submission.

You are also very welcome to organise a session, either by yourself or in collaboration with colleagues, and the AAG-RTS strongly encourages this.

For information on organising a session and more, visit

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